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Buy Jeeter Juice Live Resin Online 

Jeeter juice live resin; The most flawless and generally delightful cannabinoids and terpene concentrate with explicit fluid live pitch strains. jeeter juice carts

which is made from fresh frozen flowers, all flavors are preserved with high quality methods. Also Preserves all therapeutic biomolecules with one secret ingredients which beat all other concentrates in the market its best and handy. THIS BEAUTY IS NOT JUST A JUICE IT IS CANNABIS. jeeter juice disposable

Benefits of Jeeter Carts

Straw Tip; 100% lead free stainless steal internal component
Variable temperature control; our straw heats according to the intensity of the draw/pull, you draw soft  the less heat and softer the cloud and the stronger the heat the bigger the cloud and less the actual flavor is preserved
Matte Finish; A smooth soft touch grip for a superb hand held experience
Crystal Atomizer; Never burning live resin  as it is, which is engineered with heat control
Universal Rechargeable battery port; Never run out of juice and extra added feature just in case battery failures.


Banana Mac | Hybrid

Watermelon Cookies
| Hybrid

Kush Mintz | Hybrid

Mimosa | Sativa

Animal Mintz | Hybrid

Peanut Butter Cup | Indica

Oatmeal Cookies | Indica

Jack Herer | Sativa

Straw Butter OG .5G Disposible Cart

Straw Mac & Cookies .5G Disposable Cart

Straw lemoncello OG .5G Disposible Cart

Straw peach cobble  .5G Disposible Cart

straw blue banana .5G Disposible Cart

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